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Casual Games FK AB founded!(Casual Games FK AB)03/04 2013

My hobby has now been upgraded to a full blown company, Casual Games FK AB.

1.7 Million downloads(Traffic Race 3D WP)03/02 2013

Traffic Race 3D just reached 1.7 Million downloads with great reviews! Give it a try its free!

v1.1 Bike available(Traffic Race 3D WP)24/01 2013

- Added bike as playable vehicle
- Added collectable bonus object
- Increased starting traffic density
- Changed top speed and acceleration curves
- Removed Ad restart counter

1.4 Million downloads!(Traffic Race 3D WP)06/11 2012

I'm proud to report that Traffic Race 3D has been downloaded 1.4 Million times! Thank you all for the support!

Traffic Race 3D updated v1.0(Traffic Race 3D WP)08/09 2012

Version 1.0 is finally available in the marketplace for download! I started this project in late 2011 and it has taken longer than expected to complete it. I've learnt a lot during this period about the Windows Phone Platform and also 3D programming.

I would also like to thank everyone for their support, currently Traffic Race 3D is rated in the top 30 of free games on the Windows Phone Marketplace and I could not have done this without you. So from the bottom of my heart thank you!

This is how the game looked in it's different stages Alpha, Beta and Release.

Traffic Race 3D Windows Phone 7. wp7

Version 1.0 contains the following improvements and fixes:

- Added trucks models
- Redesigned AI
- Redesigned collision detection system
- Added possibility to change player car color (Premium version only)
- Added more Ad providers (Free version only)
- Improved performance
- Added new tree textures
- Changed terrain from texture to real terrain
- Added road blocks instead of signs
- Added Kid Mode which disables collision detection (great for kids)

Traffic Race 3D updated v0.9(Traffic Race 3D WP)26/02 2012

Version 0.9 is now available in the marketplace for download and contains the following improvements and fixes:

- Bonus multiplier takes a bit longer to reach now.
- Improved breaks.
- Improved AI.
- Added pause feature.
- Added instructions.
- Fixed AI bugs (disappearing cars).
- Added indicator when AI is changing lanes.
- Added more crash protection if corrupt data is downloaded.
- Added crash protection when trying to browse to other games with poor internet connection.
- Added MS Pub Center as another Ad provider (not activated yet).
- Added crash stack trace collector.

Traffic Race 3D updated v0.8(Traffic Race 3D WP)23/01 2012

Version 0.8 is now available in the marketplace for download and contains the following improvements and fixes:

- Added workaround for delays when starting a game. (More info available on my site).
- Added vibrate on/off setting.
- Added feature to push system Alerts to users in case of major bugs etc.
- Fixed off-road turn exploit bug.

Update v0.7 is corrupt!(Traffic Race 3D WP)17/01 2012

After releasing Traffic Race 3D update v0.7 I started to get reports that the app crashes when you hit another car. After updating the game on my own device from the marketplace I noticed too that it crashed. The version that was not on the marketplace still worked however which puzzled me. After trying everything I found this solution:
Go to games and uninstall the game and then reinstall it from the marketplace. Voila no more crashes!
Another reported solution is to go to the marketplace again and search for Traffic Race 3D and then press update again! I have not the tested the last solution myself.

Sorry for any inconvenience but I still do not know what causes this problem.

Traffic Race 3D updated v0.7 (Traffic Race 3D WP)16/01 2012

Version 0.7 is now available in the marketplace for download and contains the following bug fixes:
- Added feature to retry upload of new high scores if internet fails.
- Fixed possible crash in Hall of Fame High Score system due to partial downloaded high scores.
- Fixed issue with very large scores.

Traffic Race 3D update submitted(Traffic Race 3D WP)13/01 2012

I have received several crash reports in regards to high scores and a fix for this has been sent to Microsoft for certification. Should be available in a week or so in the marketplace.

Traffic Race 3D updated v0.6(Traffic Race 3D WP)12/01 2012

Version 0.6 is now available in the marketplace for download and contains the following features:
- Prevented phone from locking during game play.
- Added slider to adjust accelerometer sensitivity.
- Increased max speed of player car slightly.
- Vibrates device when crashing.
- Added Admob as Ad provider.
- Added Asteroid Lander to Free Game List.
- Added system to respond on feedback from users.

Traffic Race 3D Windows Phone 7 released(Traffic Race 3D WP)04/01 2012

I'm proud to announce that Traffic Race 3D for Windows Phone 7 is now available on the marketplace.
Please give it a try and let me know what you think!

Beta video(Traffic Race 3D WP)12/12 2011

I've been working on several solutions to improve the performance of Traffic Race 3D for Windows Phone and now I think that I've found a good mix between performance and acceptable graphics.

Asteroid Lander Updated (v1.1)(Asteroid Lander WP)28/10 2011

I've been waiting for Mango to become available before I could release the updated for Asteroid Lander.
The game has been completely rebuild when it comes to the UI and now uses the mixed Silverlight and XNA mode.
The levels are now all about how fast you can land which makes the game more fun!
Thanks for all the support and enjoy the game!

Per pixel lightning wp7(Traffic Race 3D WP)18/08 2011

I've reduced the resolution of the game to 360x600 pixels which increases the performance drastically. I've read that 480x800 pixels is actually more pixels than a xBox 360 has so its maybe not so strange that a phone has less processor power than an xBox 360 ;)

This means that I'm now able to run the game at 29 fps with per pixel lightning enabled. Check out the difference of the cars.

Per pixel lightning Windows Phone 7 in Traffic Race, #WP7 #TrafficRace #Xna

Fake shadows(Traffic Race 3D WP)14/08 2011

I've been busy working on improving the graphics in the game and just a little change like adding fake shadows makes a big difference.

Fake shadows Windows Phone 7, WP7

First alpha video(Traffic Race 3D WP)12/08 2011

As promised here is the first alpha video of Traffic race.
Please send me constructive feedback and feel free to feature creep :)

Asteroid Lander for Silverlight updated!(Asteroid Lander)11/08 2011

As requested by Mato I've updated Asteroid Lander with 2 additional levels and also improved the graphics slightly. Asteroids now have clearer edges and I've also added a parallax star field.
Enjoy and let me know if you want additional levels or features/content.

Approaching alpha(Traffic Race 3D WP)20/07 2011

The work with Traffic race has taken longer than expected but the game is making steady progress.
The game is soon approaching alpha phase and I will soon post some videos.

Project Traffic Race started(Traffic Race 3D WP)09/06 2011

I've started a new project Traffic Race for Windows Phone 7 (WP7).
Imagine that you are in a traffic jam and need to get through it as fast as possible.The game is a racing game in dense traffic.
On the wish list is faked 3D meaning that it's actually a 2D game but with 3D graphics. The plan is to use XNA and Farseer Physics as usual :)

Asteroid Lander WP7 released!(Asteroid Lander WP)06/06 2011

After several delays Asteroid Lander for Windows Phone 7 (WP7) has just been approved by Microsoft.
10 levels are included in the first release but the plan is to add additional levels soon.

Closed for vacation!(Vacation )19/03 2011

I'm on vacation in Florida and will be back at the end of April! Enjoy the games and Asteroid Lander for WP7 should be available at the beginning of May.
I hope for a creative time in Miami and will work on some brand new game concepts!

Alpha Video(Asteroid Lander WP)16/03 2011

I've been working on converting Asteroid Lander to Windows Phone 7 (WP7) and when doing that I couldn't resist on improving several things in the game :)

Here is a video of the current state

This is a casual game :)

Alpha blending on WP7 & XNA(Asteroid Lander WP)24/02 2011

When porting Asteroid Lander to WP7 I also wanted to improved the graphics by adding nebulas and star fields to my space game. These are basic features that use alpha blending.
However the results on my Samsung Omnia 7 was not very promising as the alpha blending operations produced a horrible result and I couldn't figure out why.
Everything looked fine on the emulator but on the device it was a different story

After spending several days I was recommended to look at this page which describes the problem.

The main problem is that the screen operates in 16 bit mode on most phone devices but the graphics and effects that I created uses 32 bit color mode.
And the WP7 emulator works in 32 bit mode per default (you can change that by changing the skin file).

However I found a way to resolve this when using XNA which works on the Samsung Omnia 7.
In XNA add this code
graphics.PreferredBackBufferFormat = SurfaceFormat.Color;
and it should solved the problem. The only draw back is that all devices may not support this.
You can see the difference below when using the SurfaceFormat.Color compared to the regular mode below

Alpha Blending WP7 fixed

You can download the source of my sample application here

Port to Windows Phone 7 (WP7) started!(Asteroid Lander WP)21/02 2011

I'm happy to announce that the work to port Asteroid Lander to XNA and Windows Phone 7 has started.
So far it's going pretty smooth and here is a screenshot of the current state.

Asteroid Lander WP7
Let's hope that the performance is good enough on the real device.

First patch v1.01(Asteroid Command)17/02 2011

Some people have reported performance issues after you play a few levels of Asteroid Command. I've put together a patch that should fix the problem. I will update all sites that hosts Asteroid Command in the coming days.

Entry submitted(Invent A Vehicle)14/02 2011

The competition version of Invent A Vehicle was finished on time and now we are waiting for the judges to do their job :)
You can try the game on either Game or on this site
Here is a video of the current state:

This is a casual game :)

A few improvements(Invent A Vehicle)13/02 2011

During the last days I've been tweaking the game to get the right feeling and now I'm getting close ;)
Unfortunately this also means that I had to reset all high scores as it wouldn't be fair otherwise.
List of improvements: Bigger difference between tire types, restriction of where you are allowed to put a wheel, new level "Downhill", high score also include time, less mass effect on wheels, improved graphics.

Ready for concept testing!(Invent A Vehicle)10/02 2011

The early version of Invent A Vehicle is now ready for testing!
Use the arrow keys to drive your vehicle (up arrow = acceleration).
You can also add wheels to your vehicle and experiment until you find the best vehicle.
We will be releasing several updates during the coming days.

Only 4 days left until the deadline for the competition! You can try the game here.

Soon ready for concept testing(Invent A Vehicle)07/02 2011

Level system is now in place and also a basic level selector. So the game should be ready for concept testing within a day or so.

Project Invent A Vehicle Started(Invent A Vehicle)02/02 2011

We have decide to enter Game Jolts invention competition
After the competition is over we will decide if we will continue with the project and transform into a casual game or not.
In this game the goal is to invent and construct a vehicle that can run through a number of courses with the best time.
Invent A Vehicle uses Silverlight 4.0 and Farseer Physics Engine 3.1

Asteroid Command Released!(Asteroid Command)29/01 2011

Sorry about the lack of updates lately however we have some great news and we have finalized v1.00 of Asteroid Command.
The game is now available on our site and also on our partners websites. We would like to thank our beta testers: Franca, Alex, Jimmi, Manbaby, broadcastbrian2 and Frank Griffin.
Thank you for your support and feedback!

Faster and more action!(Asteroid Command)11/01 2011

Asteroid Command is now officially accelerated :) In the latest released we have tweaked the speed and making Asteroid Command a more action oriented game.
There are also several other improvements like more unpredictable asteroid paths, better visual indication of planet boarder, asteroids behave more like asteroids should etc.
Give it a try and we hope that you like it!

Star field and other improvements(Asteroid Command)05/01 2011

During the development there has been a major issue with the zoom feature because it sometimes feels like the asteroids are standing still even though they are moving. This problem is due to the fact that the camera is zooming in while the asteroid is moving at roughly the same speed.
In this version we have implemented a star field that actually solves this problem.
The game is now almost feature complete and soon only the hardest part remains and that is to construct good and fun levels.
This is how the game looks now

Explosions(Asteroid Command)31/12 2010

During the last days we have been working on creating explosions when you destroy asteroids. After trying different techniques we decided to use a particle system for explosions. The effect is pretty good but might need a bit of tweaking. We have also made smaller improvements to the UI.
Happy New Year everybody!

Build mode(Asteroid Command)26/12 2010

Before the level start you now have the ability to build and position satellites exactly where you want them. You also have the ability to upgrade satellites which provides them with different bonuses such as faster turning speed, faster reload and increased firepower.

Simple Silverlight Polygon sample(Farseer Physics)20/12 2010

Finally I've completed a simple polygon sample for Farseer Physics 3.x and Silverlight. Farseer is a great physics engine based on c# and it feels good to give something back.
Check it out at

High score system updated(High Score)19/12 2010

Due to several requests from new users we have decided to change the high score system so that only the high scores from the last 30 days count. We hope that this will enable new players to have a chance to also reach top positions.

Level system in place(Asteroid Command)14/12 2010

The new level system is ready with 3 basic levels.
We have also added feedback and restart buttons.
There are also some basic blending effects in place now and we have decided to use WriteableBitmapEx to handle blending and particles

Blog and Twitter added(Website)13/12 2010

We have been working on improving our website and decided not to implement a forum in the near future. Instead we will use Twitter, Facebook and other Forums like TigSource Forums to communicate with our users. We also have in-game feedback functions in each game which has provided us with valuable insights in what you think should be improved in our games.

Basic sound FX(Asteroid Command)07/12 2010

We have just released Asteroid Command concept v1.02 with basic sound FX and also introduced multiple turrets.

Asteroid Command concept released(Asteroid Command)04/12 2010

The project Asteroid Command has been in the concept stage for a while and now we feel that it's time to make our first concept release.
So far you can only control a single turret and fire at incoming Asteroids.
To restart the game you have to reload the page (CTRL+F5).

In the coming days we will add a reload button :) and also introduce more elements.

As always we do appreciate feedback so please do send it once we add the feedback button.
You can try the game here.

Project Asteroid Command Started(Asteroid Command)01/12 2010

We have now started a new project Asteroid Command which is a blend between two old classical games Missile Command and Asteroids.
In our version you protect your home planet from incoming asteroids.
At your disposal you have satellites equipped with rail guns and other weapons.
Even though the project is in the concept stage we hope to be able to release an early concept version in a few days.
Asteroid Command uses Silverlight 4.0 and Farseer Physics Engine 3.1

Asteroid Lander Released!(Asteroid Lander)15/11 2010

The game has now been released and will be available on our site and also on our partners websites. We would like to thank our beta testers: Jens, Per, Alex, Franca and Jimmi! Thank you for your support and feedback!

2 New levels added(Asteroid Lander)14/11 2010

We've now added level 4 and 5 to the game.

Restart and menu button added(Asteroid Lander)13/11 2010

We've now added a restart button so that you can restart the game if you run out of fuel or get lost in space :)

Instructions added(Asteroid Lander)11/11 2010

We've now added instructions how to play the game and we are polishing the game for the release.

Zoom feature enhanced(Asteroid Lander)06/11 2010

We've received feedback that the zoom feature was making it a bit hard to land sometimes. With the new code we hope that it will be easier otherwise let us know.

First 3 levels added(Asteroid Lander)05/11 2010

The first 3 levels have now been added to the game. Please provide us with feedback of what you think of them. Are they too hard/easy please let us know.

Level system in place(Asteroid Lander)04/11 2010

The level system is now in place which enables more variation when you play the game.

Feedback feature added(Asteroid Lander)01/11 2010

We have now added a feedback feature in the game which enables you to send us feedback :)

High score list fixed(Asteroid Lander)23/10 2010

After launching the new site we had some problems with the database. These issues have now been fixed.

Casual Games Launched(Casual Games)18/10 2010

We have been working on several projects during this year and finally we decided to launch a website for our games and projects. The idea behind this website is that you can try our projects and games before they are finished. Each Game and Project will have a feedback button so that you can provide feedback to us.

Project Asteroid Lander Started(Asteroid Lander)01/10 2010

As our first project we decided to do a remake of the classical game lunar lander.
This game uses Silverlight and Farseer Physics Engine